Oil Leak on 1994 BMW 325i

Internal light went off, TCM symbol was on entire trip (22 miles), turned L or R make noise. Mechanic said oil leaked, L and R power steering hose, rack and pion, tranmission service, alignment cost $1200. All parts are EOM. One mechanic said Joint Arm and bushing need to be replaced. How do I know. Please help.Are cost overpriced? Thanks

by in Oakland, CA on December 24, 2010
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ANSWER by on December 25, 2010
Get quotes from other garages its simple. OEM parts are very costly, hoses are quite messy and time consuming. The parts cost of the arms is also very costly
ANSWER by on December 27, 2010
Milts' specializes in BMW. When you say oil leak, do you mean power steering fluid? $1,200 for a transmission service sounds like a clutch replacement for a manual transmission.
COMMENT by on December 27, 2010
Well, he replaced pion and rack, power steering hose left and right, tranmission service, alignment. Now the symptom(s) is there. This morning, when I turned engine at 6:56m, the battery sign + and - showing up. 3 minutes later it disappeared. Then the engin check and the circle with exclaimation inside that circle are on for 5 mins on freeway. then 10 minutes late the engine check sign went off. The circle continues to be on for another 10-12minutes. The internal lights are off for total 10 minutes. When I stopped by the gas station to pump gas, the circle light came off. It only happens in the morning. Let me check again when I get off from work. By the way, the valves cover gasget need to be replace per that technician. I haven't paid him to fix this suggestion yet. What is next for me? Thank you.
COMMENT by on December 27, 2010
$1,200.00 for a rack and pinion plus hoses and trans service is not out of whack. The new problem sounds like a battery or just to update computer using the GT1. Valve cover gasket is very easy on these cars. The valve cover is exposed and doesn't require the technician to remove the intake manifold like most V6s. Call Adrian and let him know that Hal said to call. He will explain in greater detail. (707)643-7548. Good luck and happy holidays!
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