Oil leak on 1990 Honda Accord

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I have a 90 Accord LX 5 speed, 2.2 motor. It has 300,xxxmiles and recently it started spraying oil up onto my hood while driveing. It is in the general area of the distributer and this site mentions that it could leak oil. I tried to locate the exact area of the leak/spray while it was running in neutral but it does not spray unless it is under a load. ie: driving up hill. I am worried and need a direction. Could it be a leaky distributer seal, camshaft seal or neither?
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A worn engine with excess blow by (combustion gasses leaking past the piston rings into the crankcase) may be prone to oil leaks at higher RPMs and engine load. The distributors do leak oil past the o ring between distributor body and head and between distributor shaft and distributor internally remove the distributor cap and inspect for oil. A big source of oil leakage is usually the balance shaft seal in the timing cover and the valve cover gasket.
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I am glad your oil leak is fixed! Have you installed a seal retainer bracket on your balance shaft belt? I have ssen may Balance shaft seals fall out, initially Honda were denying a problem but the aftermarket came up with a seal retainer to secure the seal. You have to remove the timing cover to fit the seal retainer.
Thanks! It was the Valve cover gasket and the distributor seal. I replaced all and did a full tune up. Runs great and no oil spray/leaks. Runs like a million bucks again!
I checked an it seemed ok. I drove the heck out of it and still no oil leaks. I plan to drive it till it gives up. Thanks for the heads up on the other seals. That one fell off on my CRX. I had to use make a gasket in a pinch.
it is the v-tech syllanoid gasket its 4 dollars and a very easy fix