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Q: oil in coolant system on 1995 Volkswagen Cabrio

Ok, ok , I am a idiot... I have stupidly put oil in my coolant container How can I get it out? should I use a hose and flush it? or will that screw it?
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If you feel you really need to flush out the cooling system due to having put oil in the expansion tank drain the cooling system and flush with dish washing liquid, it cuts grease and oil when used with hot water. Drain cooling system, fill with water and three or four tablespoon full of washing up liquid run for a few minutes, drain and flush with a garden hose and refill with fresh coolant.
How do I do this? do I have to get under the car or take the reservoir out??? I have a 99 cavalier, and I just paid 270.00 for a new radiator and now the engine lights on, it's overhearting, and I dont know how to get the water that's in the coolant reservoir. I know I was only supposed to use DEXCOOL, but the mechanics that put the new radiator in put something else in the damn thing and now it's just stinky ass water that's left in the reservoir. please help me. my email is "" dont trust ANY mechanics now. need to do this on my own.
The oil will float on the coolant in the reservoir.
Use a suction bulb such as a Turkey Baster to suck it off the top of the liquid in the reservoir.
If you have driven the vehicle it has mixed with the coolant so you may have to repeat the process after letting the vehicle sit awhile , i.e. overnight.
oil wont hurt it dont worry about it how much we talking half a qurt or more? even a whole qurt wont hurt it
Just shove some rags into the opening and wring them out, A little oil won't hurt anything.
you only need to remove a couple of bolts and unhook your radiator fill lines dump out oil and rinse out with hot water put back on and hook it back up fill with antifreeze and dont worry it wont hurt anything but do not drive until you do this i have blown engine like that because oil does not cool engine it just stays hot and can gum up heater core causing it to over heat your engine

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