Q: oil gauge on 2005 Nissan Pathfinder

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my oil gauge is pegged out on high. Car heats up when in idle. I have my oil changed and serviced every 4,000 miles.
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You have two distinct problems. One is that either the oil pressure sending unit/gauge system is malfunctioning, or that the oil pressure relief valve in the oil pump is stuck and the pressure is not being controlled. If the gauge shows pegged pressure at idle, especially hot, my suspicion is that it's a faulty sending unit. Not a big problem.. If the oil pressure really is too high, it can damage the engine bearings or blow out the filter which could cause immediate engine failure. The best thing is to find out what the oil pressure really is by removing the sender and screwing in a mechanical test gauge.
The second problem, the overheating at idle is probably caused by a faulty fan clutch which doesn't drive the cooling fan when the engine's hot. When the car's moving, the airflow will cool the radiator regardless of the fan clutch. The fan clutch should drive hard when the engine's hot and be fairly freewheeling when the engine's cold.
DON'T hurt yourself by sticking your finger into the fan to check the drive when it's rotating.
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