Q: Oil Fouled Spark Plug on 1995 Saturn SC1

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1995 SC1 - SOHC - #3 plug from left is fouling with oil. No coolant is noticed in oil or vice versa. What could be causing this...where should I start first?
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I think these spark plugs are down in a well in the valve cover. If it so the spark plug wire that is getting soaked with oil the valve cover gasket incorporates a seal that keeps oil out of the spark plug tube area. If the plug itself is fouling you probably also see blue smoke in the exhaust pipe. Get the engine warm, check compression and do what is called a cylinder leakage test it puts a volume of air into each cylinder with the valves closed and how much air leaks out determines the over all health of the engine. DOes the engine have excess oil consumption. The oil entering the cylinder and fouling the plug can enter from a worn valve guide or guide seal, a worn or damaged oil control piston ring or a worn or damaged piston bore or piston, none of which are going to be inexpensive to fix.
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