Q: Oil Filter Housing Gasket - How Critical - If Leak Small on 1999 BMW 328i

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If I am not losing a lot of oil how critical is it to change the Oil Filter Housing Gasket. Per dealer inspection, they recommended I do this right away for around $900. From my perspective it is cheaper to add a quart of oil between oil change intervals. It is a the bottom of the engine and seems to leave minimum oil residue on the engine top. However, I do not know if this will lead to a massive oil leak and potentially leave me stranded somewhere with the "Oil Light"? Also, can any competent mechanic do this or does this require BMW specific knowledge (i.e. do I need to have this done at a dealership)?
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I as well had the same problem, I didnt change it cause of the price and the leak just kept getting worse and worse till I finaly had to have it changed it went on for a couple years so I dont think its that critical. you know how mechanics are everything's a big deal cause they want your money! and no you dont need an authorised mechanic just a compitant one, cause they have to take the top half of the motor off, it is a pain in the rear end though, but my guy charged me $150 for that you can do it yourself but it would probably take all day
i had a similar leak on this car myself i use a stop leak and it worked fine after a couple of thousand miles the leak when away.