Q: Oil dripping on manifold( engine) on 1997 Toyota 4Runner

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Good Morning,

I have a 97 4runner, and the problem I have is smoke is coming from the engine bay, I had my vavle cover gaskets replaced, but i see oil dropping on the manifold...Help
Thank you in advance.
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Recommend clean area around the leak, then monitor to determine the source of the leak. Sometimes it may be helpful or even necessary to add UV dye and use a UV light to find source of the leak. Leak could be from the valve cover gasket replaced already. I head and valve cover not properly cleaned of gasket not aligned properly new one can leak. How much crankcase pressure from blow-by does your engine have? Also if your PCV is not working properly or your engine is worn out (piston rings/valve guides) you may be over pressurizing the crankcase which will cause properly installed gaskets and seals to prematurely leak. Also if valve cover was over tightened that can crush gasket or bend/break/warp the cover causing leaks. If you would like your engine professionally check please call 757-456-0722
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