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Q: Oil Consuption on 1990 Buick Century

This is actually a Buick Electra Station Wagon 1986, V-8.
I had the engine replaced. The mechanic disconected the positive cankcase ventilation blower. can this cause the newly re-built engine to burn, (not leak), 2 quarts of oil in 650 miles?
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I have seen people disconnect the PCV breather hose and vent it to the atmosphere rather than have the engine breathe in and reburn crankcase vapors (that contain gas in the intake) as the engine should to conform with emission regulations. This is only a band aid to a more serious problem. Either there is a broken piston ring or piston ring land or some other internal engine damage. Does it foul a spark plug in any cylinder? Have a compression test and cylinder leakage check done to confirm the condition of the engine internally.
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The item driven by a fan belt that has a filter housing attached to it sounds like an air injection pump (adds oxygen to reduce emitted pollution), your assumption of internal engine damage is most probable (oil passing the rings and getting burned in the combustion chamber). You are right about the oil filler cap being sealed and the crankcase will be sealed (no draught tube venting to atmosphere) on engines that have PCV systems.
The concept that this is likley internal engine damage or inproper engine rebuilding is quite likly the answer, but the removal of the positive crankcase ventilation set-up still has me thinking that oil could be blown past the rings to burn in the cylinders because of unvented pressure in the crankcase. (The diconnected item is a small pump or blower-like device, which was powered by the serpantine belt, and hosed through a spherical black plastic chamber, [perhaps a filter?]. There is no "road tube" like in the older cars and the oil filler cap is not vented.) Is this a possibility or just coincidental?
If it is plugged off the crankcase has no way to breath and will blow oil out the easiest place it can. It needs to be working correctly. That may not be your problem but I would certainly have that repaired asap. It can even blow it back up into the air cleaner and the engine burns it. BTW, there is not a blower associated with the PCV system, only the PCV valve and related hoses that connect it usually. Hope this helps you.
Thanks everybody; the re-builder screwd-up. I will never know what he did wrong, but after several tries to fix the problem in the car he installed another, different, re-built engine and it now runs normally; like a new engine.
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