Q: Oil Burning on 1999 Buick LeSabre

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I've been noticing my car is burning up oil but not at a fast rate. But I want to know if there could be a problem with it? I don't see any leaks, my car smells like it runs somewhat rich I believe, and it goes through a bout a quart or less. I use Mobile 1 Synthetic Motor Oil 10W-30.
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First off when did you start using full synthetic oil , and did you flush the engine before switching from crude ? The reason I ask is I have a Toyota van with 258,000 miles on it and the vehicle was on crude oil and I switched to synthetic , then I started to get a burnt oil smell and started to use oil , the vehicle didn't leak , but when I pulled off the valve covers I found that there was a sludge build up that caused the return galleys to plug and oil was cooking on top of the valves , hench the burn smell and the consumption of oil , I cleaned out the clogged oil galleys and flushed the engine with a 10min. motor flush and changed the oil to the synthetic brand I was using and haven't had a problem since , I hope this can help you out , Kevv
You have a almost 11 year old car with about 26,5000 miles, trust me you have an oil leak some where. If you your burning it you would see it out the tailpipe. A quart for how many miles?
The car has 26, 500 miles. I'm about 2,000 miles over due on the oil change. The car doesn't go through a quart or less overnight. It takes around 2 - 3 weeks. My oil pressure stays above 40 - 50.
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