Q: Oil and Filter Change Audi A8 - price??? on 2004 Audi A8 Quattro

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The RepairPal price estimate says between $75 and $125 in my area, yet I was just charged much, much more. The basic parts were about $90, but another $150 for labor, as they said there is a lot of labor involved even though it's just a basic oil and filter change. Who is right?
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Dealer or independent shop? For my 2001, I use an independent here in Huntington Beach, CA who charges just under $100 total. That is for synthetic oil.
I'm not sure if the 2004 is any different but $240 sounds really high.
That is waytoo much. Got my oil change at Henry Oil Can for $120 (regular car $80 but A8L take 8 quarts) or forumla one for same price. They don't know where the filter is you have to tell them. U might have to tell them where filter is. It is on the passager side of the engine under cyclinder one behind heat shield, air filter housing need to b removed
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