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Q: Occasional chugging and hesitation on 2007 Jeep Patriot

Sometimes, when sitting at a light or slowing down, my 2007 Jeep Patriot Limited, (not a 4X4), 2.4L engine, will hesitate and "chug" when I accelerate. It has not stalled on me yet, but I have a very uncomfortable feeling, especially in heavy traffic or if driving in a remote area. What could be the causes? Should I ask the dealer to check anything in particular? Don't want a service technicial having a heyday, thinking he can charge me for everything under the sun because I'm a woman and car stupid. Been that route before.
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Maybe a vacuum leak. How many miles since tune related parts last changed? How many miles on vehicle? If you do not trust techs then ask a friend who they recommend and have them go with you the first time in with your vehicle and that will sometimes help with shop taking care of you so they won't make there cust mad and lose a customer. Problem could be simple maintenace needs.
Regular service (oil change, fluid top up, tire rotation) every 5000 K, since I purchased new. I now have 92k on the vehicle. The dealership has been calling me to book for a whole bunch of different flushes. Would the fuel injection flush be a good place to start? This has been a wonderful vehicle, purchased new, and not one problem ever. Just replaced the tires and brakes this winter. Should I just bite the bullet and get all the flushes and services they want to do?
Well I would still like to know about the tune components. If you bought new and have never changed some of the tune parts for 92k I would start there. Does it have cel on? Fluid flushes will not fix unless the injectors are gummed up and cleaning may fix but the current injector designs tend to keep that from happening. But the other fluids being flushed should not effect your problem. So all that being said I am still curious about things like spark plugs, fuel filter, pcv valve, air filter, plug wires if it has them. Flushing cooling system could help that system if never been done.
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