Q: OBD inspection results shows Key on Engine off / Cranking Bulb - FAILED on 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

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What does that mean and how or what should I be getting repaired or replaced to fix that problem and ultimately pass emissions ....
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This means your check engine light did not perform the bulb test. The check engine light should turn on when the key is turned to the run position. The bulb may be burnt out, the instrument cluster may be bad, or the computer driver, or wiring for the light is bad.
You will need to check if the computer is commanding on the check engine light when in bulb test.
If it is, then I would remove the cluster and check the bulb (some bulbs are not replacable).
my 99 Ford Explorer Sport failed my admission with the same thing however it does come on it's just not real bright so would that still make it fail?
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