Q: OBD code po455, Large! on 1997 Plymouth Neon

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OBD code Po455, Large!
Cant' clear this service lite.
It appears imediatly after trying to clear, never shuts off for a second.
Car runs perfectly with 63k mi. No smell of fuel anywhere.
Would it be wise to lean towards the tank preasure switch to start the process of elimination? Thanks, Chris.
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There is no process of elimination, but there is diagnosis. Start with the fuel cap, check all the vacuum lines relating to the tank and evaporative system canister and solenoid related to EVAP. could be a leak at the fuel pump module in the tank, too.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you:
Thank you very much!
Everything you mention I understand well, I'm now certian resolution is in site.
I'll let you all know in a week or two with my find.
thanks again!