Q: O2 sensor -ck. engine light on 2002 Lexus GS300

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I have an '02 Lexus GS 300 W/143K miles. My ck. engine light is on and according to the repair shop the code is P0402.I've had them to replace the left upstream bank 02 sensor, the downstream upstream left 02 sensor however the ck. engine light is still on. They advised me to drive the car suggesting that the computer needs to reset. I've driven over 200 miles but the light is still on. What could be the problem? Should the repair shop have been able to correctly diagnos the issue the first time?
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I don't think this shop understands the basics of the P0402 code and how this emissions system works, if you did indeed have this code.
Here is some info on the P0402 code:
This is an EGR code and the O2 sensors are not very likely to cause this code, but it is possible. What they are absolutely wrong about is that the computer will reset by driving it, not true.
Print out the info about the code, and go back to them and demand that they address problem. Or you may need to take it to a shop that understands how to work on these vehicles.
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