Q: O2 sensor and broken manifold. on 2000 Toyota Sienna

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I was told by the dealership that my O2 sensor needs to be replaced and that there is a 60% chance that the sensor can seize in the manifold causing the manifold to break. He said if that's the case then I can add $1,000 to my costs. Is it typical for a manifold to break during a O2 sensor change or am I being set up for a scam? My van has about 174,000 miles on it.
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Most likely they have had this happen before. When working on exhaust manifolds studs ring off and yes sometimes the sensors that are in them seize up. Exhaust manifolds provide lots of headaches for all. There are things a good technician can do to try and prevent it from happening but all the tricks of the trade does not gurantee that it couldn't happen. I personaly have had the threads come out with the sensors. To protect yourself tell the service writer you want to inspect the parts that are removed. Most likely they are just giving you a heads up to protect themselves in case the worst happens. Most people are honest beleive it or not.
Thank you for your response. It gave me some piece of mind that I'm not being scammed. Lucky for me the manifold was fine and I was only out $550 instead of $1500. Thank you again for your insight. It was greatly appreciated!
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