Q: Not staying cranked and shaking back end when driving on 1998 Kia Sportage

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It will not stay cranked even in neutral and after driving it for a couple of minutes the back end begins to shake and there is a "hold" light that has come on and will not go off. The transmission fluid is full so I know it's not low transmission fluid.
(2) Answers
The "hold" light comes on whenever you press the button on the shift lever which turns overdrive on or off. Possibly you are not aware of this feature and accidentally pressed the button. This is a handy feature when driving in mountainous areas as it keeps the overdrive (highest gear) from engaging, keeping (holding) the car in the next lower gear so that the car will not upshift prematurely and lug down the engine while going over mountainous or hilly terrain. Press the button again and it should go off. I have no information regarding the vibration from the back. Hope this helps.