Q: not getting proper fire on 1992 GMC Vandura 2500

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Was running rough and I thought it would need tune up soon. Parked it and would not start next day. Put new cap and rotor on and it started right up. Opened door to get out and it killed it. Started again and turned on headlights and that killed it. Noticed the interior lights will not come on now in the front now. Now it wont start. Replaced fuel pump,plugs,wires,ignition module and still not keeping fire. HELP PLEASE Thank You 5.7 L engine
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What i'm reading from your question is that turning the lights on was a problem and opening the door was a problem. Is the engine even cranking over right now? Or is it totally dead?
Cranks over fine. Little to no fire at all. Interior lights still do not come on at all when door is open. The other interior lights come on fine when I flick on the buttons on the overhead console. The only other thing I had happen was that there was a lot of rain water collected in the passenger side door and was actually sloshing around a week or two before I had this problem. Water is drained out of door now. Headlights turned on or door opening killed it when it started the last time.
I don't see the lighting issue being related to the starting issue.

Lighting - you may have a door opening switch that is faulty.

Starting - check for spark and fuel - whichever one is missing is what you pursue. If it's spark, you could have an ignition control module failed. If it's fuel - a fuel pump. All guess work until you test it.