Q: not getting compression on 1999 Chrysler 300M

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i was driving my car and came to the stop sign and the car died on me i thought that i was gas but it had gas and i still but 3 gallons into the car. I checked the spark plug that was not it neither was the fuel pump. something like this happened to me before and it was the module. can someone please help me.
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chances are the water pump locked up and tore the teeth off the timing belt.
as i said before, timing belts are common for failure.
get it to a shop for a bid.

the car didn't run hot or anything like that so you saying to replace the timing belt. i just had the water pump replaced.
if they replaced the water pump, they did not replace the belt?? if they didnt, shame on them.

you have to remove it to do the pump.

no they didn't replace the belt. so tell them to check the belt i am not sure if they took the car back apart or not. but i am going to def ask them to check roy thank you so much.
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