not downshifting smoothly on 2007 Acura TL

my 2007 acura tl doesn't downshift smoothly when using automatic transmission, it seems to be a little jerky, is this normal.

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Yep, it's the same on mine too... I actually took it to the dealer & had a service tech take a ride with me to make sure they knew what it was doing. The tech said that all the high end performance cars (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc.) have that feel when the automatic transmission downshifts. Something to do with the clutch plates. American car manufacturers actually use a different transmission configuration to smooth out the shifting, but it sacrifices performance.
Anyway, almost 3 years after buying my TL, I'm pretty used to it, and it happens less often because I've subconsciously adapted my driving habits to this car.
I have a 2012 TL as well. This is NOT normal! I had the same issues and they had to replace the torque converter. Paint is flaking, recalled for airbag, airbag inflator replaced. Still shifts rough,took back to dealer and have on paper the problem was reported again. Window regulator replaced on rear passenger window! All these problems occurred when I first got the car! Stayed parked 3 months before I could even drive it!!!
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I have an 07 TL also.. It is the way that the transmission is supposed to shift.. supposed to feel sportier.. I hate it honestly but the dealer said it is normal especially when going down grade..
Doesn't sound normal, better have it looked at by a shop, I suggest an ATRA shop, they're very good with transmission issues.
Indeed.. I have an 07 also and this is the way it is supposed to shift.. I personally hate it and think it's a terrible idea but what do I know...