2007 Acura TL Q&A

2007 Acura TL Question: not downshifting smoothly

my 2007 acura tl doesn't downshift smoothly when using automatic transmission, it seems to be a little jerky, is this normal. -
Answer 1
Doesn't sound normal, better have it looked at by a shop, I suggest an ATRA shop, they're very good with transmission issues. http://bit.ly/ATRA_Info -
Answer 2
I have an 07 TL also.. It is the way that the transmission is supposed to shift.. supposed to feel sportier.. I hate it honestly but the dealer said it is normal especially when going down grade.. -
Answer 3
Yep, it's the same on mine too... I actually took it to the dealer & had a service tech take a ride with me to make sure they knew what it was doing. The tech said that all the high end performance cars (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc.) have that feel when the automatic transmission downshifts. Something to do with the clutch plates. American car manufacturers actually use a different transmission configuration to smooth out the shifting, but it sacrifices performance. Anyway, almost 3 years after buying my TL, I'm pretty used to it, and it happens less often because I've subconsciously adapted my driving habits to this car. -
Answer 4
Indeed.. I have an 07 also and this is the way it is supposed to shift.. I personally hate it and think it's a terrible idea but what do I know... -