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North Freeway Hyundai
January 05, 2015

I have owned three Hyundai cars, all have been new cars under warranty. I have only had to taken them in for mechanical issues less than ten times. I have never been told by a Hyundai service department that if they find that the problem is not a warranty issue, like a rat chewing through a wire, or hitting a curb and knocking something loose, that I will be responsible for paying over $100 for them taking time to look at my car, whether they fix the issue or not. I can understand the cost of fixing the issue, but not the cost of just looking at it. I can understand if I was bring in a 2001 Toyota. But I am bringing in a Hyundai to a Hyundai dealership while under warranty, It is implied that while under warranty the dealership for that brand of car will check your car when it has mechanical issues for free, and if it isn't a warranty issue charge you for the repairs. I mean they sure do talk up how good having a warranty is when they talk you into buying that 10 year 100,00 mile extended bumper to bumper warranty, but if you want to get it looked at, you better bring $200, just in case the problem isn't under warranty. Because whether they fix it or not your paying. This was my experience at North Freeway Hyundai in Houston TX. The service consultant Bruce Haefner, didn't even test drive my car to see if he felt what I was feeling, until he first told me that just to look at my car, I basically need to have the money to pay, just in case it isn't a warranty issue.

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