Q: Non-starter ,Starting problem on 2006 Mazda Mazda6

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My daughters Mazda 6 (2006; 6-cylinder) has an electrical problem. Although I’ve witnessed the car symptoms, she is away at college. Well here is what I know.
1) She claimed the car wouldn’t start (wheels turned wide), until her boyfriend straightened the wheels.
2) The car started, but “weakly”, and made “clicking (electrical relays?) sounds”. Noise occurs prior to engagement of the starter.
3)Early symptoms, level of “starting ability” appeared to depend upon position of steering wheel.
4) I took it to AutoZone. The diagnostic code was P2108: Either a) TP sensor, b) Open or Short circuit condition, or c) Throttle valve motor malfunction. Now Car is not starting.

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Sounds like a battery or battery cable problem. Also possibly a starter problem. I don't know what to make of the steering wheel question, unless the steering wheel lock mechanism is hanging up the ign switch, but that wouldn't explain the other symptoms. She needs first to get the battery, charging and staring systems checked. Probably by a Mazda or an electrical specialist. The P2108 code may have been set during a low voltage condition which could be because of battery, starter or alternator problems but wouldn't keep the starter from turning so that's something to assess after the basic problems are fixed. Here's a directory link for you.
I have the same issue on my 2008 Mazda6 V6. The battery/starter is bad and I am getting P2108, althoug engine works fine. No problem with the wheel in my case. I guess I will go to Sam's club check the battery and will let you know.
How did you fix yours?