Q: Noisy fuel pump, replaced, still noisy on 1991 Honda Prelude

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I recently bought a 1991 Prelude 2.0 DOHC. It was owned by an old man that rear ended a tow bar. Front bumper, slam tray, aircon radiator and coolant radiator were damaged. The car sat for 12 months without running. I bought it and fixed it up. I drained the fuel tank and replaced the fuel pump as it had rusted. When I drive the car now, 20 minutes after starting the pump becomes increasingly noisy until I lose power. I switch off and start 5 minutes later and the pump is quiet and full power is back. I replaced this pump again as I thought the new one may be faulty, but the new one does the same. I have changed the filter and blown out all the fuel line to check for blockages. Still the same. Please help?
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I would have to see it but most likely you have a cracked suction fuel line some where the pump must be starving for fuel if you replaced it 2 times. is it a after market pmp also check the grounds and relay. but i do think it is a crack on suction side. if the tank is rusted inside it will restrict suction and tank is no good if metal is flaking rust inside. Good luck Gary bring to shop if you cant get er done.