Q: Noisy Front Strut Covers on 1999 Toyota Camry

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1999 LE with 106k miles. Started about a couple years ago and dealer told me not to worry as it was only a nuisance. Now, as I am getting ready to sell the car they tell me it could be a safety issue. So, how hard is the fix for a do it yourselfer, what parts do I need to buy, and are special tools needed? I've changed front springs on old cars before but have never done work on McPherson typ stuff. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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The top strut mounts do fail on the Camry. The McPhearson struts are simply removed from the Camry. The strut assembly is secured by three bolts on top (14mm socket) and the strut assembly is attached to the wheel hub by two large bolt. To replace the top mounts the springs need to be compressed and without the proper tool to compress the springs it is not safe to try this repair at home. Even if you were to compress the springs and replace the top mounts you still need to align the vehicle so I would say its best left to a garage.