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Q: noise on 2007 Honda Fit

immediately after start up there is a sound similar to ice cubes sloshing around in a drink coming from under the dash board. Any thoughts? Thanks
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Is it possible this noise is coming from outside the car? Or is it inside the car? My first thoughts are that an exhaust heat shield may be loose and rattling, or you are hearing a pump operating in the engine compartment. Some vehicles use an electric air pump during engine warm up, or some use an electric vacuum pump, either of which can be noisy.
You will want to pinpoint where the noise is coming from, then determine the action needed to repair it.
I'm having the same problem with my 07 Fit. Just noticed it since my last service a couple months back. Sounds like there's fluid sloshing around (especially right after start up when I brake hard the first time). Also sounds like there are some small items floating around or something. Help with this problem would be appreciated.
Check the coolant level in your 2007 Honda Fit. Low coolant can cause a sloshing noise from the heater core area. If the coolant is low a complete inspection of the cooling system for leaks would be in order.
I just took my honda fit in and they said it was air in the heater core. It sounded like air bubbles rolling around. They bled the air from the core, but although they are having this problem with this car they don't know how air is getting in there. We had them sign for this repair in case it is a head gasket issue later on. There has to be some way that the air is seeping into the heater core?
I noticed this with our 08 Fit... the sloshing sound is the gas tank that runs along the bottom of the car. I notice it alot more after a gas fillup.
The sound under the dash when first starting is probably just the coolant circulating through the system.
I have the same issues, However, the noise from the dash area is coolant being pushed through the system, just check the overflow and replenish at the appropriate level marking.
The other 'sloshing' sound is the fuel moving about in the tank which is located under the passenger seat.
When driving about 50 53 mph my 2003 F-150 is making a noise and feel, like it is trying to up shift or down shirt... it could also be in the rear end or transmission
The problem could be that your coolant level is low or you need to bleed the engine coolannt it self..If there is a bleed line
This has been happening to me since I bought the car in 06'. It still happens, but I've never had any major service related to the engine. Its fine, just a quirky Fit thing.
I had the same problem with my 2007 Fit. I filled up the coolant tank, and topped off the coolant in the radiator and the sound went away.
It can also be Air Bubbles in the Fluid systems.
Its a good thing to get it check out by the dealership or a garage as that can cause problems in cold winters.
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