Q: noise on 2004 Ford Expedition

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I start my truck and it sounds fine. When I put it in gear to drive, it makes a whinning noise. The sound increases as I speed up. I can hear this well as I park on the 3rd floor of a parking garage. If I take the truck out of gear(park)I don't hear the "sound". My husband thinks it is the "drive belt" as it puts a strain on the motor when it is in gear. I think it may be in the "transmission". Please help!!
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Either one of you may be correct, or you can both be wrong, impossible to say. Noises are really hard to diagnose when you can hear what they sound like or where they're coming from. I would stop by your repair shop and have them listen to it, see what they say. Just for the record, I think it might be from the transmission.
Here are some shops in the Galveston area if you need one:
Good Luck, let me know what it ends up being.