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Q: no/hard shifts while going up hill. Took to dealer,told nothing wrong. Thoughts? on 2006 Mercury Milan

I have 74k miles and this just recently started happening. This jerking/hard shifting ALWAYS happens when I'm going up mountain hills and it seems like it happens when I'm in 4th gear and need to drop back into 3rd to get more acceleration. It makes a thumping sound and jerks the car, and mostly never gets into the needed gear. I already took it to the Lakewood Ford, off of 6th and Sims, but was told nothing was wrong and they even did a $160 DIAGNOSTIC TEST... Any help, suggestions would be MUCH appreciated!!

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My car is doing this to.. i was told to try a tranny flush or the valve body needs to be replaced. :( loved this car until this started happening and now i wish i never bought it. of course it started after my warrenty was up. Its at least going to run you almost 1000 for a valve body. id look around for a used tranny.
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have you ever had it seviced in 64k miles? these don't actually shift gears but the condition you discribe is poss internal trans issues.they are in my opinion not very good but they make the car drive smoother. try servicing trans and ck'ing for codes to start with.
I actually took it into a Ford Dealership and they tested all the codes and transmission (about a month ago) and was told nothing was wrong... It was also $160 and they told me that they tested it "extensively". Now the problem is consistent and I'm nervous that the trans will go soon. Maybe I should just get a Subaru for the mountains (I live in Denver)
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the trans cost is approx 6500.00. rec service and a subaru. subarus have headgasket issues so be careful
Noted on the Subaru :) Maybe a jeep then... As for the current issue with hard shifting up hill. Should I take it back to a dealership (b/c of the CVT transmission) or maybe an independent shop? The ski season is coming up and those roads in the winter time are NASTY.

Thanks again for the input and suggestions!!
Did you ever get to go on a test drive with a tech at the dealer to show them the symptoms and conditions? Is it consistent enough ?
I was told that they tested it "thoroughly"... All codes and inspections tested fine, they said.
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