Q: No voltage to fuel pump, sending unit not working either. on 1996 Toyota Corolla

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Changed fuel pump relay in fuse box, still no voltage. Getting spark to plugs. Car was running when parked, sat for about 5-6 months, when tried to start, no fuel pressure.
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Are you checking it at the pump connector under back seat with a tester (test light or volt meter)?? Try it while someone cranks the engine to see if pump voltage now present. Engine must be cranking for 'pump' voltage. Just turning the key on dont work here even for a couple of seconds. If no voltage on ANY wires see answers 1&2. Should have power to gauge sender with key on if harness and fuses are intact. Mice love to chew on wires when one sits around for awhile! Since spark is ok, EFI system should be too.
I checked it with a meter with the key in "on" position. I did not try it with the engine cranking. I had no voltage on any of the wires. I'll check it again with the engine being cranked. When I pulled the inspection plate, there was a mouse nest here and I thought, this will be an easy fix cause they've chewed the wires but there were no gnaw marks on any of the wires, perfectly smooth.
Because I had no voltage at all, I figured something else must be amiss.
No signs of gnawing that you could see!! Sure your meter was grounded good and set to DC or Autorange scale? Try a test light. Let us know what you find out and good luck!
There is only about a 4" piece of this harness between the inspection plate and the fuel pump. Everything else is inside the car and most of the exposed wire has a wire loom over it. I'll use a test light next time and see if it makes a difference. My meter was a digital multimeter set to 20VDC.
Harness plugs right into fuel pump and sending unit which is all one unit in the tank. All connections are good
I agree with both 1&2,, i am sure the connections are good!! That should not have changed form sitting for awhile. But a broken 'chewed' on wire can short and blow a fuse so both are correct.
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