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Q: No Start Problem, Engine will crank but not start on 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis

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I have had a no start problem about 3 times. The first time this happened was in January of last year. Came out to start my car and it would not start. Prior to this incedent the car started fine since I had it. My friend came over and ran test on the cars computer. Came out it was the fuel pump. So i had him replace the fuel pump. About less than a year im driving on the highway and my car stalls out ( Gas light was on ) so i pull over and think that i ran out of gas. Put gas in it and no start just cranked. Got it towed and had another fuel pump put in it bc pep boys said thats what it was. This was in October of this year. Well i go out to my car yesterday and the same thing wont turn over. So i figured it was the battery bc its about 10 years old. And I replace the battery. The same thing happens cranks no start. A couple times it would start then sputter out then just crank and try to turn over. All the symptoms were the same as the prior 2 time. YOu think its another faulty fuel pump?
it would be a good place to start, check how much fuel pressure you have. i have had issues with "low cost" fuel pumps and you could possibly have another bad one. i read in your post that your fuel light was on, if you constantly drive with low fuel lvl that can shorten the life span of a fuel pump, no fuel to help cool the pump, just food for thought.
Thank you. I have a very long commute to work. About 40 mins and i fuel up about every 4 days. So i rarely drive on E. The only other thing i can think of is a fuse or a spark plug. The starter seems fine.
start with the basics, do you have fuel ? how much fuel pressure do i have, do i have spark ? it will help you narrow down what is missing to keep it from running. once you narrow it down to say a fuel issue. now you can see if you have 12v to the pump and so forth, i agree with roy, i'd take it back to pepboys if you suspect a fuel pump issue, and upgrade to teh better pump
take it back to pepboys. the diag should be under warranty. it is good for 90 days. if it is the pump, ask them what brand they used. if it was a carter, have them replace it with a different manufacturer. i dont even use carters anymore due to the high failure rate.
you may only have to pay the difference in the part price. the labor should still be under warranty.

Actually Roy it is a Carter a CAUP74172. I am banking on that. Thanks.

In addition i have also had problems with my air bypass valve. But i have taken that off and cleaned it with carb cleaner about two months ago. In the past when it was unclean I would have to Hit the vavle to let air into the engine. Do you think this could be related as well even tho i have cleaned it recently?
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