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Q: no start. fuel problem on 1997 Nissan Pathfinder

I have a 97 nissan pathfinder, 3.3 liter has 137,000 miles.. cranks but doesn't start, has new fuel filter, and i changed the timing belt and water pump at 107 000 miles, i can hear fuel pump hum with key on, I disconnected the line after the fuel pump and is shooting fuel with key on. I used my code scanner and it said camshaft sensor circuit P0340,EVAP SYSTEM P0440 I tested for battery voltage going to distributor connector, where the cam sensor is located when key on and and i get voltage, plus I checked the ground wire of that same connector with an ohms meter to ground and that's good. I'm suspecting either a camshaft sensor or PCM. problem. I'm getting spark to the spark plugs, it starts when I spray a little ether starting fluid in the intake, so i know it's a fuel problem. I've always worked on my own vehicles since working in the auto repair trade for 7 years, back in 1988-95 before switching to the equipment repair trade..

could i be missing something else to test.. before i gamble on buying a distributior, since the camshaft sensor isn't a seperate part and built into the distributor. what's your thoughts.

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Here's my conclusion to the question I posted here about my nissan pathfider, I suspected the camshaft position sensor from the start, and decided to buy and install the sensor which was part of the ignition distributor, (so I had to buy the distributor, which came with the camshaft position sensor built inside and not a separate unit. ( The truck started right up after I installed it , and has been running for a week now ,,,no problem. The auto parts store wanted $300 for a new distributor, but I found the identical one they had, same manufacturer and part number on for $187 I hope this helps anyone else with the same truck and same problem I noted above...

Thanks, Chris
Check your injector pulse and fuel pressure with a test gauge. If it runs when you spray fuel into the intake, then the ignition works and it's not getting fuel. It's very possible that you wouldn't have injector pulse if there's a P0340 code indicating that the camshaft position sensor (CMP) or circuit is faulty.
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