Q: no spark wont start on 1996 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

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i changed the spark plug wires and cap and rotor now i'm trying to cange the "ckp" crankshaft position sensor but i can't find it where is it located
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Looking at the crankshaft pulley the crank angle sensor is located at the 7:00 position just behind the pulley. It has three wires attached to it yellow ,purple and pink.
Pink should have 12 volts with the ignition key in the on position if not check the 20 Amp fuse marked ECU number 1 in the under hood fuse box. The sensor is a "Hall effect" type switch. I hate replacing parts without testing them and proving that they are defective.Your vehicle has On Board Diagnostics level 2 and should have set a trouble code if the sensor was defective.
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