Q: no spark to distributor or to plugs on 1991 Mercury Tracer

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OK for vehicle is a 1989 Mercury Tracer St. Wagon,w/5-speed manual, 4cyl. It's not listed on the questionaire ( year of vechile) so I fibbed about the year.
"NOW" my vehicle 'died' in the middle of an intercestion, my nephew is working on the vehicle at the shop that he works at. I was told that the Ignition Control Module was the these babies are hard to find, but I located a Ford Dealership ( The Mall of Georgia-Ford)and obtained a 'new' ICM for a cost of about $140.00. The new part was installed, as were 4 new spark plugs + 1-new NAPA distributor cap. On one day there was spark coming from the Ignition Coil to the Distributor, but not going thru to the plugs??? the next day, there was 'NO SPARK" going to the distributor?? My nephew has contacted all of his sources to find out what is goiing on?? and how to fix the problem?? I've just ordered a 'New Replacement' Ignition Coil from NAPA, and hopefully this may solve the problem. Has anyone else whose owned a similar vehicle had these issues??
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in your statement you never mentioned the rotor. it is critical when spark to the cap must pass the rotor to the plugs. could be that simple.

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