Q: no spark from coil and badly damaged wire harness on 1995 Dodge Dakota

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i was just givin a truck that rats had eatin threw the wire harness completely in some parts but the truck would still run if gas was poured dirictly in well while trying to test the pump i crosed a wire and it gave me a nasty spark and now there is no spark and i am at a loss of what to do next is there any way to test the ecu or any other proublem i may have caused myself that i have over looked???
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Yes you overlooked one thing who ever gave you the truck dont like you!! JUST kidding! Check all the fuses you can find. Does the check engine still light up with key on? Check the ASD (auto shut down) relay under the hood as well.
No the check engine light does not come on brake and abs but no check engine light does this mean the computer is shot??and i have located the asd relay but how would i check it