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Q: no reverse, manual on 1995 Volkswagen Jetta

i just got this car knowing that it hasnt had reverse for two years, i dont want to spend money on reverse repair. i will look at linkages etc. but if its internal problem ill just change fluid. will it get worse?
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a clutch problem for reverse can be checked by trying to engage reverse with the engine off. if it goes in, start the car and see if it moves a) with the clutch in means its too tight b) with clutch out may not move at all likely internal issue c) barely moves could be worn clutch d) can't get reverse when off? try rolling the car a bit, if that does'nt help, check linkage. be careful starting in gear, the car may move, be prepared.
if it pops out when clutch is released you may have a shifter linkage adjustment problem or an internal gear problem. if you held it in, would the car move? and does it feel like the shifter is in the wrong location? like too far to the side? and by the way, how are the forward gears?
i put it in rev while off, started car with clutch in, slowly released clutch and it grabbed slightly ,,then just herd slipage/grinding, almost wants to stay in gear, but partially pops out and grinds like a women driver!! what is that? linkage adjust or worn clutch? really love your help, appreciate it alot!!! 401-523-5975 jesse
feels like right position, have to let clutch up in order for it to semi engage then starts grinding, all foward gears great, car doesnt do any thing with clutch in, i saw online that the clutch cable is self adjusting, so linkage or worn clutch if linkage can u send direction to check likage ie which one? thank you for takin time to help me..jesse
Hey did that work for your reverse? i just got a jetta and the reverse does a grinding sound everytime i try to use it, it will either stall or stay in first. please help
How is the clutch? If a clutch is worn on a VW, you will get no reverse, because the clutch has to really release all the way to do so. The fluid will have minimal effect on no reverse. if the clutch is good, then, yes check the shift linkages.
i havent looked yet, but the guy said theres a new clutch cable, so may not be hydraulic clutch, and that sounds like good advice concerning clutch being worn out. thanks alot!!
sorry i just reread the fluid part of your advice, youre talkin about trany fluid, not clutch hydraulics ok thanks again jesse
if my jetta makes a loud screaching noise, and wont got into reverse what would be the problem. would it not have enough tranny fluid or would it be a bad clutch?
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