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Q: No power to radio. heat does not come on and remote not working on 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

Heat, radio and key fob not working.I cheched and changed the fuse and still not working...what else could be the problem
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Not really an answer, I just discovered the same problem with my 2004 pacifica. Dealer says he doesn't hear of this problem often. Since I am due for 100k maint. will get back to this after the diagnosis. I am not optimistic, as this dealer ( the only one in my area) is not too user friendly :( They wanted me to repeat services I had done recently (?). I had to remind them I do not always bring my car there for standard service, I use a shop in town that is more reasonable and friendly. I took my car there today, but other than the fuse check, they said it would be best for the dealer to check it out. Will let you know what I find out.
Have either one of you figured out what the problem was? I am having the same exact thing happening with my car now. Thanks.
try at your own risk , hooking up the wrong wires can cause your vehicle to burn and catch fire , very dangerous , so only do this if you know what your doing
read for fix = 2005 chrysler pacifica... radio, a/c, dvd, keyless remote functions not working , all of those went out at once...
sypmtoms: when opening door alarm sounds , use key and start engine to turn off alarm , keyless remote function does not work
radio no power , a/c no power , dvd no power
testing: tested wires red/yellow stripe , on each of the connectors (these are 12v +) , you should get 12v+ but i was only getting 3volts on the radio connector and others as well was only 3volts...
tested ground and grounds were good
fix : this vehicle has two cigarette lighters the one on the left is the one that turns on with the key, and the one on the right is the constant ON cigarette lighter , check with a multimeter to make sure ... but what i did was take the constant ON + positive wire of the cigarette lighter and solder extra wire from there to the RED/Yellow stripe wire of the Radio connector, solder it to the red/yellow wire , and tape it up so it doesn't short out... the red/yellow wire on the radio is the constant 12v+ and the pink one next to it is the on with key 12v
but anyways , by doing this , it instantly fixed all the issues
keyless remote works again
radio works again
a/c works again
the only thing i left unplugged was the dvd player , because when i plugged that in it just kept cycling and cycling , and i think it is defective and i think it might be the reason why this particular circuit messed up , because prior to all this problems , i was driving with a/c on and radio music loud and running great, but at that time the dvd player kept cycling and cycling , and i tought it might just be a glitch and kept driving , and then i turned the headlights on and at that moment , i lost a/c and radio and dvd ....
dont exactly know what the cause of it was , but did seem like dvd might have put an extra load on the circuit. so i left it unplugged for now as explained about in the fix.
try at your own risk , hooking up the wrong wires can cause your vehicle to burn and catch fire , very dangerous , so only do this if you know what your doing
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