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Q: no power to fuel pump on 1997 Dodge Ram 1500

hello, have no power to the fuel pump, tried jumping the relay out. no luck.. what could kill the power to the relay? will crank if you pour gas to tbi
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The fuel pump relay is Fuse #3 (20amp) located in the Power Distribution Center (PDC) powers the fuel pump. The relays control circuit is powered by the PCM. If the control circuit is dead, PCM replacement is required.
checked all the fuses, shoudnt there be some kind of power in the wiring harness with the key on going to the pump? can feel the relay click, and have even swapped it out with another
relay uses fuse 9 -10A (click) in fuse box and 8 -20A (pump) in the power distribution center, so relay can click and still not work
Really thankfull for all the help fellas. I know for sure that i have voltage coming from the pcm to my relay, and all my fuses are good, what i need to know is how is best way to check the relay? And does anyone know where i can get a wiring schematic so i can know which wires to replace going to the pump
You can remove the relay and jump the terminal 30 and 87 in the relay socket and see if the pump will run.
Here you can find great repair manuals with step-by-step instructions, diagrams, parts locations and other important information here:
Or here:

Mitchell has easier diagrams to read.

Can you check under the relay block and see if there is any melted wiring?
If you remove the fuse #3 and check for power in the fuse socket, what you got? Is there battery voltage??

the wires under the relay box have no visible damage, and the fuse slot #3 is not used on the truck. It says n/a. however fuse slot #9 is for the engine and it has 12.46 volts in the socket.
Ok, I looking at a diagram and fuse #8 (20AMP) should be the feed to Fuel Pump relay, a red-white (RD-WT) wire( #30 at relay), from the relay to the pump it will be Dark Green-Black (DG-BK) #87 at relay.
Can you measure battery (B+) voltage at the relay socket #30 pin? (RD-WT) wire?
Just pull out the relay and check. If there is no B+ voltage the problem is with the feed circuit to or from the #8 fuse.

The control circuit is fed from the fuse #9 (10AMP) Light Green-Black (LG-B) wire to relay# 86 and control wire from ECM Brown-White (BR-WT) relay #85.
When you jump relay #30 and #87 the fuel pump should get power if there is B+ from fuse #8.
There is another relay, ASD relay, can you interchange that for another relay, which is not part of the fuel system, like a foglight, A/C or horn relay?

ok. i now have power to the fuel pump connector, but it only comes on for a second or two. does anyone know if there is suppose to be constant voltage.? and if so, which two wires would i use to check with a meter?
you will have power for just a bit...then it will shut long as it lights up when you turn on the key for a few seconds your good...
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