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No power to coil and fuel pump dosent come on

(1990 BMW 525i)
in Las Vegas, NV on February 06, 2011
I recently was given a 1985 BMW 528e. I have been changing things cause it had been sitting for a year. I think all is changed that needed to be changed. But when I go to turn the engine over to try and start it I dont hear the fuel pump come on. I tested the fuel pump to see if it was working by connecting a jumper in the fuse compartment to the fuel pump fuse. It starts spewing gas out. But when I try it when I turn the engine over with the key no gas comes out of the fuel rail. Also how do I check to see if the darn thing is getting a spark. I pulled the #1 plug wire off the spark plug and held it close to the block to see if it had spark. But nothing happened when I cranked the engine over. This problem has really got me stumped.What are possibilities that I can check to possibly get this car running. Some body please help me
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on February 06, 2011
check main power to fuse panel if good remove covers on steering column find wire s on ignition switch key off should have one hot key on check for multiple hot wires if hot check for+at coil if thats good problem around distributer if no fire at coil unplug or disconnect dis wires add12 volts to wire fom + side of coil follow it back to ign find where voltage is droped you will find your answer
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on February 07, 2011
I will try what you replied RC Parts I will reply later to reveal my results thanx.

I did as per what you said and my results are this:

There is power to the fuse box.

I removed the steering column covers and checked to see if there was one hot only at the ignition in the off position and there was. The thick red wire was positive. When I turned the key to the on position, there were three wires that were hot now, the Red, Green and Purple. So I checked to see if there was power at the coil and there wasn't. I disconnected the coil wire from the distributer and connected a straight hot wire from the battery to the + side of the coil, and it just turned everything on as if i turned the key to the on position. However the Red and Green wires had power at this point and the Purple did not. So I am lost at this point as what to do. I am by no means a mechanic. However I am not stupid, and I can figure a lot of things out. I can follow what I am told on how to do something. So what do I do at this point. I tried to start it hooked up with the straight line and it still didn't start
on February 07, 2011
if i can help let me know thank you ok thhe purple wire at switch is start signal should be hot when u try to engage starter check this now then we move on what color is dis +wiregreen should be also did u here fuel pump at point of connecting green or coil +to batis there yellow wire at switch alsodid u hook the + back to coil while trying to start not trying to be funny just a trouble shoot procedure may take me a min im going straight from memory
on February 08, 2011
There is no yellow wire. No the only thing that happened was it was like I turned the key on at the switch. I tried to start the car at that point and it still didn't start. The coil wire is green. I also found which one was the relay for the fuel pump. I was told that the horn relay is the same as the fuel pump relay. When I removed the relay fuse there was a real faint high pitch sound. But I didn't hear the electric fuel pump turn on. I checked all the fuses when I turned the key and they are all getting power except the electric fuel pump my tester light doesn't turn on when I touch it. So I switched them around and the relay is good. But now when I connect the battery my instrument panel battery light is always on. When I turn the key to the on position it goes off. The idiot light still stays on even when I remove the key from the ignition. it has really got me perplexed. Sorry about the late response I was at work. No thank you I appreciate the help. I follow what you are saying. I just need to get this thing running. I am off for the next two days so you will be hearing a lot from me. It makes since on your trouble shooting techniques. And also my BMW is a 528e 1985 6 cylinder it didn't provide in the initial selections. It started at 1990.

OK RC Parts it's time to wake up. I've been outside all morning tracing wires. Going back over everything that you said. Ya know this fuel pump has really got me thinking. Everything else works in the fuse box but the fuel pump. I also rechecked the wires on the ignition switch. There is only on the thick wires there is the Green, Red, Purple and black. Now there is two other wires on the switch which are a skinny brown one and another skinny brown one with a blue stripe running down the length of it.
on February 08, 2011
fuel pump is actually activated dis signal this is what todo 2nd red wire on swith withkey off jump to+ does anything come onif not reconnect coil try to startwill the it turn over with key
on February 08, 2011
I am not sure I follow what you are saying there. With the key off you want me to jump the red wire to what? Jump to +. Please clarify I am confused on that one. Do you have another way to contact you that is a faster response then this page here?
on February 10, 2011
on February 25, 2011
RC sorry about the pause, they had me work some crazy hours at my job. I dont do grave yard well and thats where they had me for a week. So I tried all of the stuff that you told me to do and still nothing? I thought that maybe the coil was bad so I took it out and went up to tne auto part store and they said that is was good. So I am back on to my regular shift, and back at the Beamer. I tried just putting power to the coil like you had asked me to do and I also put a negitive to it as well, and there is no spark coming out of the coil to the distributer. I checked to see if maybe it was a relay, so I checked them all they are all good. So what should I do at this point? Fill my gas can up and dreanch and burn it> JK lol. I will wait to hear from you my number is 702-510-1275. Kelly
on February 26, 2011
check the crank sensoor back of engine at top of trans
call 7062679294
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