Q: no power, runs rough, and engine is still cold to the touch. on 2000 Ford Explorer

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When I start the truck it will run fine for a second or two, then it idle's rough, runs rough, has no power and then after it warms up to temp and has been running for 30 mins or so, the engine block, heads, and intake are still cold. I have been a mechanic since I was 7 years old, and I can't figure it out. My dad has been a mechanic for 40 years and he can't figure it out either. What can the problem be?
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what temp registers on temp gauge after 30 mins? this makes no since. do you have a ck eng light on?
The temp is normal, no check engine light comes on, but you can touch the engine block, heads, and intake, and there still cool to the touch. Also the transmission wont shift because of the problem, and some times the O/D light blinks.
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this makes no since if yje gauge is normal, like in the middle the eng has to be hot like 190 deg. ck temp in rad with therm while car is running. the flashing o/d light means you have trans codes,have that scanned
I had it scanned and it showed nothing. While the engine is running on the temp tester the temp of the engine is only 120. I actually put my and on the heads of the engine and held it there for a few mins after the truck ran for over 30 mins.
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