Q: will not go over 50 on 1990 Mercedes-Benz 300SL

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Hello i have a 90 sl 300 and it starts up and idles fine but when i start to drive it it has no power to get over 50 unless i feater the gas. I have chage the fuel pumps,flow sensor, plugs, and both converters.
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Is the transmission slipping? What does the timing read, this car has a Distributor. Does the timing advance? Does the car misfire? Are the mechanical injectors flowing properly? How is the Fuel Distributor? Is there rust or contamination inside of it?

here is a link to a site with repair manual info for your vehicle, there is a small fee but it is well worth it.

Sorry i was on vacation.1 trans is OK, 2 no misfire, 3 fuel distributor has been changed, 4 dont know what the timing read. The car starts up on the first turn and runs just as smooth as heck you can driven it but when you press the pedal it bogs. and thanks for your reply
Aloha Sir, Have you figured out whats going on with your 300SL? Please let me know what was done to the vehicle last when the "over 50" problem began.
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