Q: no power from stop to 2000 rpms on 1991 Honda Civic

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just did timing belt and valve job..seems to run ok..but wants to die from stop to 2000 rpms...and ideas
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There are three engine options for that car which model or engine do you have? I would start by rechecking my timing marks on the timing belt. If you had to drastically move the distributor after replacing the timing belt to set the ignition timing your camshaft timing may be off. Check engine manifold vacuum it should be 21inchs at idle if it low your cam timing is probably off. Check the basics, any vacuum hoses off or mis-routed. How does the car idle and start from cold?
the civic has the small runs ok at start..does not bog down like when it is warm...and once and a while will back fire through carb and die when you are reving up...
Adadvanced timing fixed dieing and backfire though fullinjection. But still has hesitation an
most-likely a leak in the intake manifold or an open vacuum line...

squirt motor oil or WD40 around intake at heads with engine idling...

if-it sucks-in the lube, it's also sucking air