Q: No power after changing battery on 1995 Toyota Camry

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would not start, did get one click when turning key, had electrical power-radio,lights, etc. Figured battery was failing so changed to new. Now I have no power at all. Is there something in the process that I missed? Is it the starter?
(3) Answers
First thing is to clean and check your battery cables, corroded cables will not transfer electrical current, then once that is complete and the lights work and it still dosn't start its probably the starter.
It sounds like the battery terminals are not connected properly. Battery voltage is very important it should be 12.6 V across the terminals. To determine the problem correctly I would need more information. Feel free to call me for a free consultation at 704-393-1177 and ask for Arthur.
Sounds like it may be your starter or its solenoid. Sometimes you can take a small ball peen hammer and hit the starter a few times. This may help loosen it up where the brushes are frozen inside the starter. Try that 3 or 4 times as it may help you to get it to a repair shop but it's a very temporary fix (if it works) and would get it to a shop and ask for a "remanufactured" or good quality aftermarket starter if that's what needs replacing. Will save you $$$ as they keep yours as a "core" and you'll have no "core charge" as the "refurbished" company will take yours for possible remanufacturing. The starter is at the bottom of the motor, shaped like a cylinder and is sometimes accessible from the top but most of the time you have to get underneath. DO NOT TAKE A CHANCE ON JACKING UP A CAR AND GETTING UNDER IT UNLESS YOU HAVE JACK STANDS OR SOMETHING AT LEAST AS STRONG, STABLE AND SOLID.