Q: No More Radio on 1999 Mazda B2500

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Recently my radio/cd died, but there are still lights on most of the knobs and dials. It just doesn't turn on when you hit the Power knob. I pulled, inspected and re-seated all the fuses in the inside fuse box. There were no bad fuses, although I only visually inspected them. There is no fuse layout diagram as with most vehicles. Is there a separate fuse inside the radio? Thanks.
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Check in the owner's manual for the fuse layout. It may be that the radio's failed, don't discount that. There may be a fuse in the back of the radio but I'm not sure. Make sure that the connector's in place and there's power on one wire that comes on when the key's on (if there's a fuse blown, it'd be for that wire) there also should be a wire that's always on, that's for memory. Or go to an auto electric shop or a Mazda or Ford specialist.
Here's a directory link for you:
The Hayne's manual (only one I have) doesn't have a fuse layout, nor does the truck itself. I'll check the items you mentioned. Probably won't go to the dealer.


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