Q: no high beams,turn signals or hazards on 2000 Dodge Caravan

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my turn signals nor hazards work. also my low beams only come on when i switch on the high beams. i have no high beams. i've replaced the bcm,the turn signal/hazard relay and the multifunction switch on the steering column. i believe its a ground problem but am not sure where to start or to start with the instrument panel ground block. oh yeah ive checked all the fuses in both fuse blocks. help.
(1) Answer
Inspect the connectors at the multifunction switch. A loose connector or damaged terminal can be the culprit. Also, if you frequently use the Steering column "Tilt" feature, the wiring can have an internal break or can put tension on the connector in certain positions, usually in the up position. All of the mentioned circuits are "Multiplexed" which means that they use very low voltage signals sent to the BCM. The BCM then interpets the signal and actuates the appropriate component. If the voltage varies as much as .5v (half a volt) you will have problems. All wiring repairs must be soldered, no crimp on connectors and terminals must have a secure fit.. The Instrument Panel Ground (G200) in located on the center Instrument Panel Support Bracket and the BCM groiund (G300) is located behind the left kick panel, by the parking brake.
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