Q: No heat/very little on 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan

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Ok so I put my van in the shop last Monday. I started not getting heat in Oct. I have dual heat/air. So, I get luke warm in drivers side but ice cold everywhere else. Defrost works somewhat. They said the vents weren't working so put new ones in. Still cold air. Flushed radiator still cold air checked relays and modules still cold air. The blowers and motors work fine but still cold air now they want to replace the core. But if I have defrost it wouldn't be the core correct. Please help don't want to replace everything.
Thank you
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Christina, first off DO NOT GO BACK TO THE BOZOS THAT COST YOU A WRONG REPAIR. Someone needs to scan the HVAC system to code it out. Most likely it's going to be the blend door in the HVAC unit.
Thank you will definately try that. They told me the bill so far was $650. That was for the vents and window regulator. Now they want another $710 for core. Thank you very much for the info.