Q: No heat or vent control for front unit and no heat for rear unit. on 1994 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

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my heat does not work at all in the truck front or rear and I have tried to change from the blower from the floor to the vents to the defrosters but it is stuck on the floor only and air blows through when the unit is off while driving and in the winter freezes all of us i have no control dont know whats wrong I think the flaps controling everything are not working the controls will flash when i try and change vents and only blow on the floor blower motor works fine and the rear unit I can change from floor to vents but will not blow heat the a/c does not seem to work also have not checked the freon in it but need heat right now a/c is just not important right now all of my lines to the front heater core are in place and the core is not leaking have purged the cooling system of any air and flushed the system I am running coolant not water there is no overheating issues or leaks desperately need heat thanks dan.
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