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Q: no heat or air? on 2006 Hyundai Tiburon

I have no heat or air coming through in my vehicle I checked every fuse they are all good the heating control lights up but when I turn anything on with it nothing actually turns on somebody email me if you can help
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On the Tiburon the blower motor, all the relays and the heater blower resistor are all at the passenger foot well area. Does your car have manual heat control or automatic climate control? (two very different wiring diagrams). I take it the primary problem is the heater blower motor doesn't operate at any speed.
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There is a 30AMP fuse in the engine compartment fuse box that sends power to the blower motor relay. So the red wire at the relay should have power, the red/white wire brings power to the blower motor. The white/ black wire at the blower motor if grounded operates the heater blower motor if the blower motor and power to it is OK.
The blower motor switch and blower motor resistor supplies different paths to ground to give various fan speeds. Fuse 15 (a10amp fuse) and fuse 18 (a 10 Amp fuse) also need to be good for the blower motor to work. The relay, fan resistor and fan itself are all near the floor of the passenger foot well area.
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Recheck the power to the fan motor with the key turned on to the run position you should have 12volts at the red/white wire at the blower motor in the passenger foot well area. If you don't have power here it is fuse or relay related.
Now if you have power check with a voltmeter have you power at the white/black wire at the blower motor, if you do the motor has continuity across the blower motor. Ground the white /black at the blower motor (Key on) does the fan motor blow, if not remove the blower motor and test across a battery you will find it will be bad. The blower resistor is right next to the blower motor, the wire colors are as follows, pin 4, white/black,pin2, blue/white , pin 3 white, pin1 red/white. I hate just replacing parts, it is best to have the system tested by someone that has a wiring diagram and can pin point exactly what is wrong.
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I admire your persistence! Can you re-post your question on the website here, it will give me access to your email address and I will contact you off line.
there is no noise at all and I took the glove box out already to look I cannot find any relays or resistors behind it though yet and it is the manual controls with the knobs
I checked every fuse under the hood and in the drivers side fuse box there all good I found the one that I think is the relay but didnt take it out yet can the relay or resistor go bad? the relay would be the tiny block with a screw holding it in with 4 wires on a connector going into it correct?
ok I changed the relay and still have nothing at all working I can not find the resistor any idea where exactly under there it is mounted or what it looks like because im not sure I know what I am looking for and if the resistor went bad would the blower motor not work at all?
ok so today I tested some of the things at the blower fuse thats pink under the hood with the clear top the 30a fuse theres power at the backside of the control knob to change the speed setting there is no power the relay has no power either and the blower motor itself does work is there any kind of linkage between the 1 fuse under the hood and the blower motor control the fuses in my dash are also all good Iam completely lost at what to do now
Do you hear any noise when you turn the fan on? If not, it sounds like the blower motor has stopped working. This could be a switch, wiring or the blower motor
I figured out a fix for my similar or identical problem. Since this is September and you posted in February, you might or hopefully have this fixed already. If not, I want to put my two bits in for you and anyone else with the same or similar problem.

All the fuses were good. Under the hood there is a box full of relays on thr right, as you are facing it. Many of them are the same so I just started pulling one to see what it does. Just make sure you turn on everything on the vehicle so when you pull one, you might want to right down it's position and what it turns on/off.

This way, when you remove it and put it somewhere else, you will start to figure out what it is supposed to control.

Anyway, you'll eventually find the one that controls the heater/AC. By swapping out the relay, if it starts working, you'll know. If it does not start working, then, sorry, I do not know. I can say that in the 2001 Hyundai Tiburon we own, it failed and I found it.

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