Q: No heat, not overheating though... on 2005 Honda Civic

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A few days ago, I noticed (the last time I had my car's oil changed (about a month ago))someone there overfilled the coolant! Then, today when driving it, all of a sudden it no longer blew hot air! It is not overheating and the blower is working fine! Any suggestions & is the overfilled coolant at all related?
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Overfilling the engine coolant should have no affect on the heater output of your 2005 Honda Civic. I would suspect a problem with a heater coolant control valve or temperature air mix door.
I appreciate your response! I actually didn't notice that it was only blowing cool air when at idle or low rpms, until the ride to the repair shop! A bill & a new thermo. later, I'm going to guess that was not the solution because after that was done it was still doing the same thing. Thus, I brought it back & they bled the system again, and it seems a little better. It's not blowing cold but warm air, although, it def. does get hotter as the rpm's go up! Hopefully, it was an air pocket?! However, if it continues, I will def. have them check into your suggestions! Thank you!
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