Q: No heat on 2000 Dodge Dakota

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I'm not getting any heat from my heater/defrost. I changed the thermostat and still no heat. What else could be the problem for not getting any heat?
(5) Answers
pull off hose from water pump and disconnect heater hose onright side coming out of the fire wall take water hose and put on hose from water pump and reverse flush the heater hose system dirty fluid will evacuaterun till clear reconnect heater hoses to orignal connections should solve problem
This vehicle should have a cable operated door in the climate system that diverts the airflow through or around the heater core. Check that when you move the temperature lever that the cable is moving and the cable is properly attached to the temperature door lever, and that the lever is moving.
It is more then likely your heater core. or the vacuum that control your area switch or your temp switch. check that all vacuum lines tight and not cracked. Also that actuators are moving when function switches. If it is your heater core ether flush heater core or replace ( replace is a big job have to take out whole dash ). I'm just a back yard mechanic but have found that reversing your heater core line will produce excellent results.( best to flush your system after winter to get rid of junk in system. Changing heater core in this vehicle should be a last resort. Switched them in my 2000 dodge Dakota and now cooks me out.