Q: No Heat on 2006 Ford Taurus

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I have no heat coming out of vent , it's all cold air. Fan runs in all speeds, but just cold air. Had new thermostat put on , put it's still not working. Car does not get hot at any time either.
(1) Answer
Find the two hoses going into the firewall behind the engine. These heater hoses go to and from the heater core, which air blows through to provide heat in the car. With the engine at operating temperature, check these hoses to make sure they are both hot (be careful not to burn yourself!!!). If they are both very hot, then you have a temperature control problem in the car, such as a temperature blend door actuator failure in the dash that changes between hot and cold air. If one side is hot and the other is not, you may have a heater core restriction. If they are both not hot, you may have a thermostat that is rated too cool for the vehicle. Or, you could have a water pump issue, such as a broken impellar. Good luck!