No fuel supply. on 1995 Dodge Ram Van 2500

I am not getting power to the fuel pump. I have checked the pump relays(2) on the firewall. Is there another cause for this problem? I do have 6-8 volts to the fuel gauge!

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So the fuel pump relay is sending 12 volts to the fuel pump, but you don't have 12 volts at the pump?
To get fuel to the engine, you need fuel available to the fuel pump, 12 volts and ground to the fuel pump, fuel supply to the engine and the injectors need to be opening.
Your uncertainty about how the circuit is wired leaves me to believe that you may not have checked it properly. The relay should have 12 volts to terminal 30 at all times (red/white wire), and when trying to start the engine you should have 12 volts at terminal 87 (black wire). You can jump these two wires to activate the pump as well.
You should be able to verify the power and ground to the pump, and if you have it and the pump isn't running, then you need a new pump If the pump operates, then you need to verify pressure to the injectors and that the injectors are opening properly.
Best of luck to you!
I am pretty sure it is sending 12 volts to the pump but I just today found out which wire(s) to check at the relays. Could there be any other cause for my problem unless there is a short in yhe wiring which is doubtful due to the way the problem started out.