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Q: no compression on 2000 Volkswagen Passat

I had just spent $1388.00 on having the timming belt,tentioner,water pump all new belts,oil change with 10w30 syn oil.I was driving the car at 45 mph and the motor quit.Oil was leaking under car.Motor turns over and belts are turning.Took it to dealer that did the work and they said there was nothing wrong with the work they did but for a extra $200 the check to see what the problem is.O there is not any compression in any cylnder Any suggetions.Thanks Randy P.s i know this is a long one
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Uh...what? Sorry to say that things sound a bit fishy. I mean, you had the timing belt and water pump replaced, and now all of the sudden you have oil leaking out and no compression? AND they charged you $200 to figure it out???

Find another shop, quickly, and cut your losses; you may be going after them if you find what they say is not true.

Keep in mind - i'm only going by statistics and probability - sure, your car could have had another failure occur...but...boy...odds are against it...
Thanks dave, when i went to the dealer they gave me a run down on what the car needed and it did have 104,000 miles on it so i new the timming belt and water pump needed to be done so i told them to replace all the timming componets. .I even put on new belts,changed the oil and filter.20000 miles later it stalled and no compression,but they said at dreyer &Reinhhold at indy that there was spark and the timming was alright and for $200.00 dollar they would look further to see what was wrong.Car ran fine before they got a hold of it.I just dont get how there could not be any compression in any cylinder.Could the timming have jumper or maybe its a junk engine to begin with.Its bad when a german made motor cant go past 100.000 miles hey.Thanks Randy.The car is a 2000 passat so i cant see putting another motor in it.
Too many things to guess at on my end. I would advise another opinion. No compression sounds like a timing belt issue initially, since it covers all cylinders. Difficult to say until having a look at it.
Thanks dave,
you have been a big help i will take your advice and find a good vw mechanic and get another opinion.
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